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Top 5 Home Decor Manufacturers in India: A Comprehensive Guide


Consider your house as a blank canvas ready to be painted with patterns, colors, and designs. This is where interior design is relevant. Importing from home decor manufacturers in India will help you satisfy this demand of your end customers and earn good profits. 

Today, we’ll look at some of India’s best companies who produce lovely metal wall art for your house. 

Manufacturers of metal wall decor in India provide a huge variety of wall art from abstract to tropical and classic to modern. 

Criteria for Selection

To select the best exporter or manufacturer of Wall decor in India, you can use the following criterias.

  • Product Variety: Having a huge variety of products to choose from will give you more options to entice your customers. 
  • Customization: Having flexibility in designs, colours is a big plus in such an import process. Your designs, exporter’s craftsmanship. 
  • Product Quality: Quality products means loyal customers. These exporters should have the right quality control processes in place. 
  • Documentation:They should have all the documents ready. They should be well aware of which documents will be required at which stage.
  • You both agree to the payment terms and conditions. It should be a win-win situation. 
  • Communication: Try Communicating with them. Whoever is replying quickly and transparently will have positive points. They’ll also communicate quickly in hard times if things go wrong rather than hanging you in the middle. 
  • Price: Price is also an important factor as it affects your margins. But if someone is providing Hassle free Imports then better pay a little more than to get frustration during the process. 
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The Top 5 Home Decor Manufacturers

  1. Dhiman’s | Trusted Indian Exporter for home decor

They are a young team but are growing rapidly due to the benefits importers and wholesalers are gaining. Dhiman’s specialise in Metal Wall Decor.

They’ve a strong network of manufacturers in the hubs of wall decor cities in India. Benefits of importing decor with Dhiman’s are:

  • Complete customization from Designs to colour. 
  • Dedicated Relationship manager.
  • Quick Communication.
  • Transparency with photo updates during the complete process.
  • Gamified benefits: Like getting Free Wall Decor pieces with each order after 5 consistent purchases.

They have more than 500 designs to choose from and also provide customization options. The office is headquartered in Maharashtra. 

Home Decor manufacturers and exporters in India
  1. Rockwater Decor

They have 25+ years of expertise and have a broad range of decor. They have a strong local presence as well. They offer products in the category of Mirrors, Knobs, hooks, lamps and Lightings, etc. 

As they have multiple categories of products, thus they have a good client base from multiple decor and interior sectors. According to the company, their strength lies in our separate units for hard and soft goods and combining mediums to create mixed material products

  1. Sudesh Art and Crafts

Sudesh Art & Crafts Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter and trader. These products are known for their design,soft texture & durability. 

They got started in 2004. They trade in huge variety of goods like Pet Supplies, Dog Collar and leashes, Cotton Rope Leash, Hepm Pet products, Leather Dog harness ,Cat Products,Pets Apparels, Dog Accessories, Nylon dog collars for all pet breeds, Leather leashes for all dogs. 

They deal in areas like Indian Subcontinent, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, North America. 

  1. Kraphy

They are based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Some of their products are made from reused wood. They use reused and recovered wood from manufacturing our items, transforming waste into wonder.

They deal in table art, wall art, lamp lighting, utility decor, garden decor, etc. Like Dhiman’s, you can also see their products on their website.They run frequent Festive sales as well. 

  1. Kabra Exports

The company was established in 1996-97 and is a Delhi based company. They have creative designers and the focus of the company is on creative designs and quality. 

They deal in the product category of Cushion Cover, Pillow Cover, Table Cover, Quilt, etc. For cloth based products, they use theTraffic light system. In this way, with Lean Manufacturing for production they maintain efficiency.

They follow proper Audits and Inspections for the Yarns accrued. 


To sum up, home decor manufacturers in India are the real sorcerers of our living spaces, changing regular homes into amazing ones. These artisans breathe life and personality into our homes through everything from the beautiful metal wall art that adorns our walls to the countless home decor items they have lovingly and precisely created. 

Remember that each piece retains the soul of its creators as you set out to decorate your customer’s home; this will help your home reflect a rich tradition of workmanship and creativity. Choosing the right exporter and manufacturer will also help you to acquire art pieces without any hassle, at best prices to make huge margins and profits and also to gain repeat customers. 

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