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Why is Wrought Iron a Popular choice of craftsmen for crafting Metal Handicrafts?

  • Wrought iron is twice as ductile and malleable as iron. Craftsmen can hammer and forge the Metal Handicrafts without it breaking.
  • Wrought iron is also incredibly strong, durable and corrosion free, perfect for outdoor decor that can last for many years.
  • Handicrafts made from other metals like brass will only have one but still beautiful Golden-Yellow colour. But Metal Handicrafts made from Wrought iron will be power coated first in complete black and then desired colours will be applied.

Wrought iron has extremely low carbon content of just around 0.05-0.08% while Normal cast iron has a carbon of 2.1-4%. The word wrought means something which can be beaten, hammered, rolled and worked upon to give desired shape when it is hot. 

Key Properties of Wrought Iron:

The key properties of Wrought iron is that it is:

  • tough, 
  • malleable, 
  • ductile, 
  • corrosion resistant, 
  • and easily forge welded, 

But it is more difficult to weld electrically.

Wrought Iron gets all its super power due to the fibrous structure it has which it gets by its manufacturing process, which involves repeated heating and hammering.

Manufacturing process:

Here the manufacturing process of wrought iron explained simply:

  1. First we extract our precious iron from the raw iron ore through the smelting process in the bloomery furnace. This gives us a spongy mass of iron called a bloom.
  2. Then in the puddling process, the bloom is heated and hammered and the impurities are removed by this. Impurities like silica, carbon, slag, etc.
  3. Once some impurity is removed, we roll the bloom in bars making it stronger.
  4. We heat and hammer these bars again removing even more impurities. This process is repeated until the desired quality of wrought iron is achieved.
  5. And finally we get our wrought iron with carbon removed by a big proportion. 


Craftsmen have been using wrought iron since 5000 years ago which is fourth thousand years before the birth of Christ. Wrought iron has been used for a wide variety of purposes during the past 5000 years.

  • Tools and weapons: including swords, spears, axes.
  • Art and jewellery: gates, railings, fences, chandeliers, furniture, metal handicrafts, metal wall decor.
  • Construction: bridges, buildings, and ships.
golden bird metal wall art
golden bird metal wall art

In India, today Jodhpur is a capital of wrought iron handicrafts like metal wall decor, table tops, furniture, etc. Using wrought iron, we can powder coat the art into pitch black and then give it any desired colour. In contrast, brass art primarily will be of golden-yellow colour. Check out the manufacturing process of metal wall decor to understand how easy it is to hammer and mould wrought iron to create these beautiful pieces: Manufacturing process of Indian Metal Handicraft | Dhiman’s

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